Coach Excitement on Winning a Competition

Under 21 Nigerian volleyball team successfully won the Gambia team by 3-0 and this is its second winning in the ongoing African under 21 Men’s Nation Volleyball Championship in Tunisia.

Nigeria defeated Gambia with 7 service points in the first set with 18 receivers’ points, and 1 ace. It accumulated 4 maximum points in a row with 4 service errors. It had a 0 timeout with a lead of 25-21 points.

Then, in the second set, Nigeria defeated the Gambia team with 13 receivers’ points and 12 service points. They also had 4 maximum points and 1 ace in a row. They had zero service errors and no timeout, leading by 25-16 points.

The Nigerian team had a winning record of 1 service error, 5 maximum points in a row, 1 ace, 12 service points, and 13 receivers’ points, with no timeout. And leading with the winning of 25-15 points.

Nigerian well-known volleyball player had a record of 19 points, with 13 attacks, 3 blocks, and 1 ace from service against the Gambian team.

Sani Mohammed, Nigerian head coach said that the team aims to be the first on the list in order to qualify for the semifinals. He also said that they want to accumulate all needed points in the group stage.

The results show that the Nigerian team is better than the Gambian team. The goal here is to be top of the A group so that it might compete with Egypt or Cameroun in the second round. The Nigerian team is ready to compete with any team and is ready to make Nigeria proud with many winnings. The team will be competing with Tunisia in their last group match.

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