Instagram Engagement: What It Is and How to Improve It

You’ve probably contemplated how to boost your Instagram engagement if you’re a social media influencer, marketer, business owner, or simply looking to raise your online presence.

The tried-and-true method of genuine personal interaction with followers still works, but let’s be honest.

There’s never enough time, and it’s no sure thing that it’ll work anyhow, thanks to Instagram’s incredibly sophisticated algorithm.

In the world of Instagram, engagement is the new gold standard for influencers and marketers.

Customers are more likely to come across your company as the platform expands.

More people use it to promote their interests and businesses by liking, following, sharing, and tagging.

Celebrities and brands have found success by actively interacting with their followers on Instagram.

This includes everything from coffee shops and makeup artists to vintage clothing boutiques.

You want a piece of the action, and there are more than 4.2 billion likes on photographs per day and 50 billion posts.

What is your process, then? Understanding the many Instagram interactions available is the first step. Just what exactly is involved? Said, success depends on how engaged your readers are with your content. The time they spend reading and commenting on your posts is a good indicator of how interested they are in what you have to say.

Here are the process to increase your Instagram engagement

Make Regular Updates

The question is, how active should the brand be to gain followers and increase engagement rates?

The optimal number of daily posts is between one and two.

In this approach, your feed will always be up-to-date and relevant, and you’ll have more chances to draw in readers.

It’s also important to know when the optimal time to post is on Instagram since Instagram now uses an algorithm to determine the order of posts in users’ feeds.

The ideal time to publish a piece of content can vary greatly, depending on the authority you consult.

Content schedulers can get seriously thrown off by recommendations that range from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. or 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. for your first post to as early as 5 a.m.

Look at FashionNova and National Geographic to see what We mean.

Worldwide online clothing company FashionNova updates its post no less than 30 times daily, or once every 30 minutes on average.

Fashionista Instagram engagement

It may seem excessive, but the brand’s 17.3 million followers don’t agree. The engagement rate is 0.07% with that many followers.

However, National Geographic uses a far more traditional approach, publishing anywhere from five to seven times a day.

National Geographic Instagram engagement

Their 0.24% engagement rate is impressive, given their 135M followers.

Use Instagram Stickers in Your Stories to Communicate with Your Audience

Using Instagram Stories stickers to spark conversation with your audience is a terrific approach to building brand loyalty and affinity.

Stickers like polls, questions, countdowns, quizzes, and emoji sliders are available in Stories and designed to be used quickly and easily.

The question sticker is one of the most popular Instagram Stories stickers.

Using the questions sticker, you may conduct instant, one-on-one chats with your Instagram followers.

You can specify a topic for your followers to ask questions about or open the floor to general questions.

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As was the case with the Reddit phenomenon of the early 2000s, the Instagram Stories phenomenon is now dominated by the phenomenon above.

The amount of participation you can expect to receive from this tiny questions box may surprise you. Instagram followers feel like they’re a vital part of a larger community.

One excellent strategy for doing so is to invite them to ask questions.

When you’ve compiled a list of questions, jump on your stories to respond to them.

Your sticker’s level of engagement increases every time your followers use it.

The next time you make an Instagram story, why not add a sticker?

Create A Memorable Brand

The most effective Instagram brand awareness campaigns prioritize clarity, innovation, and consistency. Irregular, random actions never yield desirable results.

Concentrate on fundamentals like profile presentation, developing signature looks that give your photos a consistent, unique feel, and becoming a hashtagging pro.

If your followers want to be engaged and loyal to your brand, you must communicate with them frequently.

With a well-thought-out plan outlining your Instagram procedures and brand’s best practices, you can make a good impression on your customers every time.

Stick With One Filter

Because Instagram is so visually oriented, its most beloved function is its filter selection, which, when used consistently, gives your photos and videos a one-of-a-kind feel.

WebDam found that 60% of the most successful firms consistently use the same filter on all their Instagram posts.

You should experiment with different filters to find the one that best conveys your brand’s voice and tone, and then stay with that one.

Research conducted by Canva, a website builder, found that Clarendon is the most popular Instagram filter in the United States and worldwide.

According to other research, brightness is essential in attracting viewers and, more importantly, keeping their attention.

Many other picture editing apps with varying levels of technical sophistication if you don’t like Instagram’s filters.

Be Careful Of Follower Fatigue

Has it ever seemed to you, while reading the news, that every story portrayed the smallest problem as the greatest? It’s admirable to care deeply about your product and share that enthusiasm with others.

On the other hand, your fans may get tired of your zeal if you show too much.

Do not construct every caption with an urgent tone or as if you were shouting at your viewers.

In the long run, this will teach your audience that nothing you post is truly time-sensitive.

So, it’ll have the complete opposite of what you intend.

If you’re an influencer on social media, you’re in the business of informing your followers about the products, companies, trends, and stuff they should consider purchasing.

With your followers, you want them to feel that you care about them and the things that could improve their life.

Think back on a time when you were tempted to unfollow someone, unsubscribe from an email, or mute a profile in your feed if you want to know if you are contributing to follower fatigue.

It begs the question, Why did you do that? Follow your instincts.

Using this method, you may better gauge how often and in what way to interact with your followers.

Put Your Energy Into User-created Content

Instagram posts made by regular users are gold to marketers.

Having your audience participate in the creation and vetting of marketing content is a win-win: they get to feel more connected to your company, and you save money.

Successful campaigns centered around user-generated content have used this strategy with great success.

To illustrate how to turn your audience into brand evangelists, consider Starbucks’ #RedCupContest.

Every year in December, Starbucks starts a promotion where fans are encouraged to submit their best images with the company’s iconic red Christmas cup.

To date, 37,000 posts have been made using the hashtag; it’s safe to say it’s been successful.

UGC has the potential to improve nearly every market. Consider Santander and their “Prosperity” advertising campaign.

By asking its followers to submit short user-generated clips, the campaign delved into the sentiments and humor of ordinary life and compiled them into a video clip on what prosperity meant to its customers.

The campaign’s positive and significant effects helped improve the company’s reputation.

Explore The Full Range Of Instagram Video Formats

Although a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is equivalent to 1.8 million words.

While fans of Shakespeare might strongly disagree with such a statistic, there’s no denying the power and popularity of online video entertainment.

The social media platform Instagram is aware of this. Thus, it provides several video promotion strategies.

Use the advantages of each video format, from Instagram Stories, which may combine video and stills into a single ad, to 60-second films, which are perfect for long-form stories.

To boost interaction with your Instagram followers, try using the live video feature for Q&As or big announcements of new products and services, or air a prerecorded commercial that provides real, behind-the-scenes looks at your company.

The Instagram Reel feature has recently become the app’s shining star as it competes with TikTok.

Use Instagram’s Augmented Reality Filters

With the release of Spark AR Studio, Instagram allowed users to make their augmented reality filters.

Since then, augmented reality (AR) has become wildly popular within the app, with the top filters amassing over 1 billion views.

However, while augmented reality filters are still most popular with the younger demographic, the market for them is expanding, and more companies prefer to create their own.

The augmented reality (AR) filters on Instagram have recently expanded beyond adding facial features.

Recently, video enhancement and color grading have become the focus of the most popular augmented reality filters. You can now apply an augmented reality filter to make your films as stunning as your photos.

If you want to engage your audience and encourage them to check out your product or copy your aesthetic, try using augmented reality video effects.

Use Instagram’s Video Ad Options To Your Advantage

Mastering Instagram’s varied advertising formats is crucial, as 75% of users say they take action (“like visiting sites, searching, or alerting a friend”) after being affected by a post.

Despite the continued popularity of photo ads on the service, Instagram video formats are becoming an increasingly important tool for reaching a specific demographic.

Instagram ads can be created in several different video formats:

  • Single video ads allow for up to 60 seconds of commercial time.
  • Carousels provide more message real estate by allowing followers to swipe across for additional images or videos.
  • Instagram Stories provide a vertical full-screen format where images and videos can be spliced together to create visually arresting ads.

Use Seo To ‘win’ Instagram.

In spite of the seeming incompatibility between Instagram and search engine optimization (SEO), it is essential to develop an SEO plan for your Instagram account to remain competitive on this rapidly growing platform.

Your account handle and name are the two most important factors in search engine optimization.

The first is the domain name you choose for your firm, which should be descriptive of the industry in which you operate. Keep it succinct and easy to recall.

Following your profile photo is your account name, which should combine your handle and your line of work.

It is your account name that Instagram will check against when users conduct a keyword or emoji-based searches.

To make the most of this function, enter your industry or a relevant keyword into the name area. The trick is to use Instagram search terms that people actually use.

There is a two-way street between social and search engine optimization.

Social signals (likes, shares, and comments) may play a part in your SEO rankings, so you should also optimize your profile for searches in your channel.

Studies have demonstrated a strong association between social involvement and Google ranks. However, Google has not confirmed that social signals are part of its ranking system.

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