How to Challenge Yourself This Summer: 10 Boredom-Busting Activities

This list of 10 boredom-busting activities will help you make the most of your summer break and stave off boredom.

Summer break and boredom-busting activities

Final exams and group projects take up a lot of time in the last few weeks of the spring semester.

Daydreams of what you could do with your time off during the summer fill them as well.

When the height of summer arrives, many people get into a rut from which they cannot seem to recover.

After the initial thrill of being unrestricted for the entire summer wears off, boredom quickly follows.

Your summer may seem dismal if you don’t have an internship or job lined up to keep you busy.

Here are some boredom-busting activities you may do over the summer to keep your mind active and stimulate your curiosity.

Job Seeking

It’s not too late to locate some kind of temporary work or side business to keep you occupied and provide you with some spending money if you don’t have a summer job lined up already.

Discover a service you can provide for others, such as puppy walking or house sitting.

It certainly won’t hurt to print out some CVs and start dropping them off at random companies around town.

The contacts you build during your job hunt can open doors for you down the road, even if you don’t get employed immediately.

Learn Something New by Yourself

Have you ever wished you were talented with a sketch or PhotoshopPhotoshop? Perhaps any aspect of computer programming or a difficult academic subject? Learn a new skill with the help of online tutorials from sites like Skillshare and Domestika.

YouTube is a resource where one can find free video guides for learning to do just about everything.

Establish milestones and commit to daily practice. When summer is through, you’ll have new abilities to flaunt.

Create A List Of Books You Want To Read This Summer

One of the earliest hobbies, and boredom-busting activities is reading has stood the test of time for a reason.

If you’ve started to feel some little brain rot due to your Netflix binging, picking up a good book is a great way to unwind while keeping your mind active.

Write down all the novels you want to read this summer, and check them off as you finish them.

You can search through the thousands of online summer reading lists to find the specific genres, authors, and stories you’re looking for.

Keep Moving And Strive Toward Your Health And Fitness Objectives

Take the time to exercise daily for the defined period.

Participate in a local sports club as a hobby if you enjoy playing or watching them.

Alternatively, you may join a gym, do Pilates exercises at home on YouTube, or go for daily walks in a nearby park.

Make things more engaging by setting objectives.

Maybe you’re interested in training for a marathon or learning how to do the splits.

Throw a Netflix viewing party with your friends online

You won’t be bored for long if you make it your mission to watch every single film nominated for an Academy Award or if you watch every single Netflix original movie.

Netflix Party is a great way to get together with friends and family online without meeting in person.

Learn to Create Your Playlists and Explore New Music

This can be both enjoyable and time-consuming, but some make a living by curating playlists.

It’s not a terrible idea to broaden your musical horizons while building a resume for a future job in playlist curation.

Identify And Cultivate Your Own Unique Style

Looking good can boost your confidence.

In the mornings, whether you plan on leaving the house or not, make it a point to experiment with fresh outfit combinations.

By doing so, you can gain invaluable insight into your sense of style, and the cherry on top is that you’ll be able to impress everyone when you return to class in the fall with your newfound sophistication.

Making mood boards is a creative and visually appealing digital collage hobby that can help stimulate your imagination.


Everyone should make meditation part of their daily practice to feel more at peace with themselves.

Since your schedule is probably less hectic in the summer, it is an ideal time to begin this routine.

After committing to a regular meditation routine, you’ll have a helpful mindfulness tool to carry throughout the academic year.

Though it may seem daunting at first, even meditating for five minutes a day can profoundly affect one’s happiness, sense of well-being, and mental health.

Clean Out Pantry Items

Although many pantry items can be stored for years without spoiling, others, such as canned goods and spices, require occasional updating.

Clear out your cupboards and throw away any old food. Make your mind the need to use up any items nearing expiration dates.

Write a Letter to Your Future Self

The last on our list of boredom-busting activities is about writing a future letter to your Feeling bored but with a lot to think about? Quick, compose a letter to your future self.

You can save it as a memento and look back on it with fresh eyes whenever you need a new perspective.

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