How to Build Your Leadership Presence

How to build your leadership presence -Possessing a commanding presence as a leader is a skill that not everyone is born with, but it can pay huge dividends for any business.

How to Build Your Leadership Presence

There are several easy things you can do to improve your leadership skills and become a more valuable employee.

Read on as we discuss the all you need on ‘how to build your leadership presence’

What does leadership presence mean?

Leadership presence is an important quality that can help you succeed. 

A leader’s presence results from a number of tangible (such as communication and adaptive skills) and intangible (such as how one presents oneself in public).

Having a commanding presence in the office has many benefits, including gaining the respect of your staff and boosting productivity.

The importance of a leader’s presence in an organization

There are many reasons why a leader’s physical presence in the workplace matters:

Engaging people

Improving your leadership presence is a great way to boost your leadership in the workplace and gain people’s buy-in.

Those under their command are more likely to invest time and effort into their work if their leaders can effectively connect with and inspire them.

Helping teams accomplish goals.

To add to the list of advantages, a leader’s presence can boost team performance and productivity in the workplace.

Having a solid leadership presence allows you to inspire your team members to work toward a common vision.

Creating a happy place to work

Boosting morale and productivity on the job, a strong leadership presence may do wonders for the atmosphere at the office.

People who have mastered the art of leadership presence can sway the opinions of those around them.

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They set a good example with their upbeat demeanor, which helps them foster a productive workplace culture.

How to Build Your Leadership Presence

Here are tips on how to build your leadership presence

Show up as a whole person

You may have been taught to compartmentalize your mind, heart, and body from a young age. Perhaps you’ve been ignoring a part of yourself; it’s not unusual.

As a whole, though, you are seen by others when you speak.

People aren’t just interested in what you say and see at face value.

They are constantly gauging your honesty and sincerity based on your body language, tone of voice, and emotional state.

This creates a muddled impression of you and your message in the listener’s head.

Conquer Your Inner Critic

Confidence in oneself is the bedrock of magnetic presence.

It’s difficult to project an air of self-assurance if, on the inside, you’re listening to the critical voice that’s always meditating on the things you could have done differently and doubting your capacity to handle novel situations.

You may choose to believe anything you like, so why would you subject yourself to negative self-narratives? Many of us, especially women, do this without even realizing it.

Your critical self may have been on autopilot for so long that you’ve forgotten that you have a say in the matter.

Putting an end to your self-criticism starts with paying attention to it.

When your critical inner voice starts up with some self-deprecating or unhelpful thoughts, take note and ask yourself if you need to entertain them.

Is this facilitating my growth into the person I aspire to be? Whenever you find yourself dwelling on something unpleasant, challenge yourself to replace it with a positive remark that is just as accurate.

Think instead, “I’ve overcome great challenges before; I’m more than capable of taking on this responsibility.”

Get Your Team Together

For a leader to have a presence, they must exhibit the following four traits: availability, openness, confidence, and self-belief in what they have to say. By far, the most influential action fosters a connection between people.

It doesn’t matter how convincing a person’s arguments are if they can’t connect with the audience on a human level.

Leaders who can do so are seen as more approachable and genuine, inspiring more trust and loyalty among their followers.

Read and adapt to different situations

Learning to read and adjust to different situations is critical in creating your leadership presence.

The ability to take charge in every circumstance is a hallmark of a truly effective leader; therefore, aspiring leaders must practice responding to a wide range of scenarios.

As a result, you will be more prepared to deal with the challenges you may face in the job.

Boost your EQ by learning to read and manage your emotions

Enhancing your emotional intelligence is another great way to build your leadership presence.

The capacity for self- and socially-aware emotion regulation and comprehension is emotional intelligence.

Emotionally intelligent leaders can put themselves in the shoes of those they are responsible for, strengthening their connections with those under them and their authority as a whole.

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