Gov. Buni should attend to education

In 2019, the State of Emergency on education was introduced with the aim of addressing the challenges faced in the educational sector.

Appeal Fund on Educational Development in Yobe State has been initiated in Abuja by Governor. People from all sectors, public and private enterprises, and top businessmen and women attended and contributed to the new initiative. The funds raised will be used for school reconstruction.

Yobe state schools have experienced degradation and continuous destruction of the building and this is due to degraded building materials. Parents are having low interest to enroll their children in public schools since there are a minimum number of teachers with a high population of students and most of these schools are located in the local and capital areas of Yobe state. This situation deserved to be looked into since children need proper education.

Yobe’s state education system has been threatened with indefinite withdrawal and transfer of students to private schools. The governor needs to provide a solution to this situation as most parents are physically and emotionally disturbed as a result of this poor education system and output from students.

A commendable effort is mandatory by the Scholarship Board in the aspect of releasing funds to support students at all education levels in the state especially, those in the higher institution.

In conclusion, the government and education board need to stand up and support good education in the state. These issues must be well tackled to revive back parents’ and students’ interest in public education

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